Our Warranty Offering:

Here at JVS Cars, We have chosen to partner with Autoprotect to offer you protection against unexpected breakdowns.

We would like to explain our warranties in straightforward terms.

Our Customer Protect policies offer an all mechanical all electrical component cover.

They have a £1000 per claim limit and will pay £50 per hour labour costs.
This product is unique in the fact that it is a "wear and tear" Policy, this means that claims cannot be rejected due to the failure being deemed fair wear and tear.

Why Should I think about extending my warranty?:

It would be fair to say as vehicles get older and cover more miles the possibility of component failure increases.
Over the years we have never been great advocates of selling extended warranties. We would simply tell our clients to put the money they would use in a teapot! and if the car goes wrong use this pot of money to pay for the repair.

ATTENTION THIS NO LONGER WORKS: Please review this 3 real life paid out claims.
1. 2011 Jaguar XF mileage at failure 42000 miles.
Gear selector Module sudden failure repair cost £545.00

2. 2012 Range Rover mileage at failure 35000 miles
Engine Module causing battery drain repair cost £950

3. 2012 VW Golf mileage at failure 34000 miles
Air conditioning compressor failure repair cost £395

In particular, I would like you to consider the age and mileage of the cars above.
Were they old cars? No
Were they high mileage cars? No
Were they packed with modern automotive technology? Yes,
what does this tell us? The modern tech in cars is not just prone to failing at any time, but the components are complex and expensive to replace.
Whilst we will cover you free for an initial period what will happen after that?
You can cover your vehicle from 12 to 36 month please ask for details